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Our service starts from the community surrounding us, and then we are highly engaged in the community.

More and more privately-owned elderly homes are found in Hong Kong due to the aging population, smaller family unit and emigration. More and more senior citizens are sent to the elderly home, no matter willingly or unwillingly, mainly are to the privately-owned ones. You can find elderly home in almost every district of Hong Kong. Since privately-owned elderly home aims at profit-marking, most of them only provide facilities and manpower to meet the basic requirement of life, far from good care in terms of both physically and psychologically.

Most senior citizens who live in the elderly home only have low level of activity ability. The life of elderly home could be boring and triggers the depression in mood. They may feel the older they are, the more useless they are. With the declining self-esteem, some even think being old equals to death and being useless. They are becoming depressed and the social ability is highly comprised.

“OldfriendStar” was founded by a group of volunteers together who shared the same vision, aims at getting close to and serve the community. In other words, we would like to be friends with the senior citizens.

“OldfriendStar” was established in April 2007.

Serving the senior citizens who live in the privately-owned elderly home is our no. 1 goal. We will serve them with love and patience, adopt the on-target approach with regular visits to focused elderly homes continuously. Leveraging on the atmosphere from the interactive activities, to foster a mutual-trusting, caring, harmonized and pleasant relationship between volunteers and the senior citizens.

The “learning in happiness” activity approach, with the hand movement exercise, aim at train the concentration, coordination of hand and eye and muscle control. To use music to increase the speaking and listening activities, and to use the rhythm to facilitate the coordination of the hands and be more brain-active.

The relaxing way of activity which brings out positive messages, aims at letting the senior citizens receive these message relaxing and pleasantly. We hope they can found their lost self-esteem and self-confidence, and get back to social life. And volunteers can feel that love, serve with heart and patience will shorten the gaps between people, and grow up together.