Event Photo Sharing


Photo of Partnered Organizations we worked together (not in any order):                 


5 Schools

King's CollegeBelilios Public School

Po On Commercial Association Wong Siu Ching Secondary School

Ning Po No. 2 CollegeChristian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Secondary School



10 Organizations

PLK Lau Chan Siu Po District Elderly Community CentreBeauty Forever Salon Center

The Church of Christ in China Kei Heep Secondary School – Keum Kong Tong

Christian New Life AssociationThe Youth Buddhist Association of Hong Kong

The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Listen by Heart
Music Goal

Convey Advertising Co. Ltd.Air Cargo Terminals Limited



8 Privately-Owned Elderly Homes

Fook Yen Home for the AgedYin King Home of AgedThe Arch Home for the ElderlyHealthway Care and Attention Home

(Hong Kong Tuberculosis Chest and Heart Diseases Association) Freni Care and Attention Home

Po Leung Kuk Comfort Court for the SeniorEvergreen Int’l (HK) Association in Shek Kong

Golden Age Home for Senior Citizens